wooden gazebo canopy

Wooden gazebo canopy

Wood is perfectly useable in any garden!
No wonder that is is the #1 chosen material for gazebo canopies!
A wooden gazebo canopy is a great choice, since you'll be united with nature, it'll fit perfectly with every style of home and it has a lot of advantages.

In this article we'll talk about the advantages, disadvantages, possibilities and the cost of a wooden gazebo canopy.

Possibilities with wood

The timber that will be used for a gazebo canopy needs to be perfectly resistant against all sorts of natural phenomena. Thus, it's absolutely necessary that the wood for a gazebo canopy is of a high quality.
Of course, you'd also like that the wood looks nice, has a nice wood structure and that it has long durability.

In most cases, there are two types of wood that are chosen to built wooden gazebo canopies out of.
Hardwood and impregnated wood are perfectly suitable to survive all kinds of weather vagaries, insects, fungi, ...
And they are very easy to maintain. Sanding or varnishing is out of the question if you choose one of these woods.

Impregnated wood:
Impregnated timber is wood that comes from trees that are indigenous to the UK.
Most of these trees are not perfectly resistant against weahter vagaries, insects and fungi.
To make them resistant against all of this, a special, chemical treatment, is done.
That way, you can be sure that your wooden gazebo canopy can stand outside, without ever faltering.

An all natural wood is hardwood.
Hardwood comes from the tropical rainforests, and is perfectly protected against all of the above. No need for chemicals with this wood!

Advantages and disadvantages

We mentioned it before. Wood has a lot of advantages! Advantages don't exist without disadvantages, however...
We listed all possible advantages and disadvantages below:

For most people, wood gives a calm feeling, because wood isn't too crowded with all sorts of additions and because it's an all natural product.
Hardwood or impregnated wood is very easy to work with too. This means that you'll have a lot of options if you choose for a wooden gazebo canopy. Another nice advantage is that you can easily change the appearance of wood, by just painting it over.

Wood is expensive. Hardwood or impregnated wood is even more expensive than other sorts of timber.